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Nivaranam 2016 - Raised $57,096.23!

Nivaranam (Meaning Relief) fund raiser music show raised $57,096.23 on Sep 11th 2016 to fund 4 projects back in Sri Lanka. Without the donors help it wouldn't have been possible to raise this amount in just 10 days!

  •  “Mobile Medical Unit for the physically challenged” in the town of Killinochchi. administered by Uyirillai
  •  “Livelihood assistance for women headed families” through Sangami Womens in Mullaitivu
  •  “Prevention of School drop outs” through Humanitarian Hands in Batticaloa
  •  Alcohol & Drug awareness program for students in Killinochchi

Once again we proved that there are so many good gods among us. During the show, Senthil Kumaran - founder of “Hearts For Humanity” made a plea asking people to come on stage to donate a minimum of $500 each, while knelling down and singing the Tamil song "Isai Kettal Puvi Asainthaadum". A stroll of people rushed and gave a total of $18,000 just during those 5 minutes showing their support for this good cause.
All the expenses of the show for the fundraiser were taken care of by Senthil Kumaran and 100% of donations were given to the cause.
Thanks to all those who supported & donated.