About Me

About Me

A legacy is not what we leave behind, a legacy is what we leave within. Living a life of true significance, means living a life that matters, you must add value to others. We have to want to make life better for others.

Meet, Senthil Kumaran, also affectionately known and nicknamed MINNAL (which means lightning for obvious reasons) Senthil has dedicated his life to this premise of giving back to humanity in many incredible ways. Senthil has a mission and such purpose.

Long-time resident of Ontario, Canada – Senthil is a man of deep faith, loving husband, proud father, creative entrepreneur, passionate philanthropist, musician, community activist, talent scout, Senthil is also an inspirational performer, singer, partner and founder of many amazing local and international charities.


Senthil has always used music as a creative outlet for his talent to feel the music and use that music to connect people. “ I hear the sounds, I feel the music” Senthil passionately loves music, especially playing percusion instruments.

With his love of music and people – Senthil has combined the two and spearheaded his vision of connecting people with sound, light and sensation -launching into the creation of the music channel on YouTube “Minnal Music”- this is a platform of Canadian proud Multiculturalism where original and cover songs are released mostly in Tamil language with millions of views. A collection of sweeping epic music designed to uplift, inspire and enlighten the hearts of listeners.

With special dedication in efforts of showcasing the beauty and diversity in Canadian Multiculturalism in 7 languages, Senthil’s Music Video “We Thank You Canada” clearly shows the forward moving impact of his efforts.


In the mainstream market of business – Senthil has earned the reputation as a very successful, DEDICATED, wise, relatable, influential leader in his Marketing field of expertise. Valuing education, he completed a B.A in Economics from York University in 1997. Senthil has a keen knowledge and expertise in building successful, profitable, customized marketing campaigns. helping businesses overcome adversity in their marketing challenges for over two decades. Senthil is very confident in his ability to partner with business owners and create compelling marketing campaigns that transform the way they do business and see success they couldn’t envision on their own.


Senthil has generously supported local and international charities, donating off his music and performances as a platform to communicate the absolute need for social justice through Minnal’s charitable arm, Nivaranam (Means Relief)

Through “Nivaranam”, he has raised & donated more than $900,000 (Canadian) with all accounts published online, community newspapers and social media sites to be transparent, ethical and intergrous.

Senthil generates all the income to fund his charities through music shows. His main goal is to fund and save the lives of impoverished, unfortunate patients (especially the little ones & those young parents with children) mostly needing heart surgeries in Sri Lanka. Usually they perish without the needed surgery and Senthil through the raised funds have saved over 56 Lives so far.

He also offers livelihood assistance to those families with sick children (So far over 100), Funds Mobile Medical Clinic in Killinochchi for bedridden patients & also Canada Computer Centre in Maruthankerny, where use of computer is available for students along with the offering of MS Office certificate programs.

Senthil also has been assisting local Canadian Charities, the Canadian Schizophrenia foundation and also the BC Schizophrenia foundation with financial contributions.

A man of deep faith, Senthil acknowledges that he is who he is, thanks to the great support of his family – friends – donors and his willingness to persevere through challenges.

Animal Activist

Words of Wisdom from Mohandas Gandhi - “The Greatness of a Nation and its Moral Progress can be Judged by the way its Animals are treated.”

Senthil has a deep love for the extremely hunted Incredulous, Epic Elephant. Senthil is very much an active activist in contributing efforts to freeing chained, abused, neglected Elephants and their young. Senthil will be directing a big push of his upcoming campaigning efforts to continue to free these mistreated, innocent animals.

It’s all about showing compassion and kindness to a helpless, hunted, neglected little lives. He/She who shows compassion to an animal, will ever show the same to a suffering human. The moral standards of a society are questioned when the animals are ill-treated under the name of religion, entertainment and violence. Senthil & his wife Niranjana are dedicated, avid, compassionate animal lovers and truly aspire to enlarge their territory of giving by traveling around the world, helping-feeding and influentially speaking against the cruelty of inflicted animals. It requires nothing of a human being to be kind to an animal. Having compassion for animals is directly related to goodness of character. Be part of a movement that will change humanity and how we treat the lives of other living souls.

LOVE – it’s in you to GIVE